WSJ censoring Vonage’s Ads?


When we looked at the back page of Friday’s Marketplace section of the Wall Street Journal, it looked like the delivery person had perhaps taken offense with the Vonage ad campaign about its patent case with Verizon, with what looked like some black-pen editing, the kind you might see in edited government documents:

A closer look showed that indeed, some text had been blacked out, but why?


A helpful Vonage rep sent us over an image of the ad (excerpt below) as it ran in Friday’s New York Times and other papers, with no editing — and the line that asked “Now, Verizon has chosen to attack Vonage in the courts. Why? Could it be all about the money?” clearly visible and unaltered.

Curiously, there is no mention of the editing in the WSJ’s own law blog, which had a post about the campaign today.

According to Brooke Schulz, Vonage vice president for corporate communications, the Wall Street Journal’s advertising department told Vonage that it would not accept the ad in its original format, forcing the company to black out the aforementioned line if it wanted to spend its money on the Journal’s pages.

(we are currently waiting for replies from Verizon representatives and WSJ ad representatives.)