Audiobaba: fun to say; finds tunes for you

AudiobabaI’m still amazed at Pandora’s ability to find songs I like, so Audiobaba has some big shoes to fill even though I like saying the name more. Conceptually, it’s the same idea: take the ‘fingerprint’ or ‘DNA’ of songs you like by finding others songs with similar attributes. You can vote down any results that don’t meet your expectations, just like Pandora. Here’s the big difference: Audiobaba doesn’t stream the music to you; it’s simply a service to help you find music that you’d like. There’s even handy links to on-line vendors like Amazon and iTunes if you want to purchase tunes from the reso

Audiobaba is in beta for now so the results are a little hit or miss although I’d expect them to become accurate as more users join. I like the way you can sample 30-second streams of song results and I  especially like the RSS feature. Any of your searches can be subscribed to and you’ll get feed updates whenever new songs match your criteria.

(via Download Squad)