PodShow, Sirius Deal Ends: Some Podcasters Caught Off Guard

Lost in the shuffle of recent events … the deal for Adam Curry and Ron Bloom’s PodShow to supply Sirius with a four-hour block of podcast programming is over. Announced with fanfare and expectations two years ago, the contract is expiring days after the block was pulled from the air without notice from PodShow to more than two dozen contributing podcasters. Lots of spec, no real details yet about why it ended.

According to the Frank Truth, this email from Richard Brewer-Hay of PodShow went out to the producers of the podcasts included in the show: “Our relationship with Sirius was exclusive and, although very positive for the past two years, has become less productive for both parties. At the same time, new opportunities are coming that are more core to our progress. We have therefore terminated our exclusive relationship with Sirius and have begun to review a variety of options.”