Google And Belgian Newspaper Group: We Can Work It Out

Belgian publishing collective Copiepresse has given its approval for Google to once again include links to some of that country’s French- and German-language newspapers on its main search results page, although the organization’s copyright lawsuit against the the internet company is still pending, InfoWorld reported. Copiepresse, which represents Le Soir, Le Libre Belgique and other Belgian periodicals, said that Google must cannot provide links to cached versions of the content. The newspapers are using a “no archive” tagging tool that prevents Google’s search sites from caching their webpages. Plus, the links can only appear on Google’s main search page, not on Google News. The agreement came out of ongoing discussions between both sides, who say they are trying to resolve the issues outside the courts. InfoWorld quotes a Google spokeswoman as saying that the two are exploring ways they can collaborate.

In September, Copiepresse won its case against Google at the Belgian Court of First Instance. Copiepresse claimed that by displaying its members