Intel-Mac users having Joost problems

Joost logoSome Intel-Mac users are having Joost problems which is showing some strange error messages, reports NewTeeVee. After loading the software, many folks, including me, have not been able to log into the service. Joost CEO Fredrik de Wahl in NTV comments writes, “Yes, we’re a bit red-faced today.” The problems are associated with too many people signing up for the service.

“We’ve been flooded with demand, which is fabulous and ultimately will make the system stronger, but since it’s unaccustomed to this level of usage it’s stumbling a bit, whereas we’d like it to be sprinting. We regret that you’re not getting you should right now, but we’re getting an incredible look at the system at work (… and more importantly what’s not working) so that we can reduce the likelihood of this happening again.”