Microhoo – The much ballyhooed talks are off

So much for the Goldman Sachs’ arranged marriage of Yahoo and Microsoft. It didn’t even merit an episode on Blind Date! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the talks are well not happening. They had talked, briefly – like answering a Match.com profile with a cut-n-paste email – but there is nothing going on. From a Yahoo perspective, it is actually a good thing – it has only one way to go – up. The better they can execute, the better chances they have to be a solid #2. And nothing wrong with that.

I think if you look at all of recent moves by Google, it shows it wants to be Yahoo (except in the slow-lumbering ways Yahoo works). It wants to sell banner ads, it wants to build your home page…. on and on. They may not be the #1 brand on the planet, but then there are people outside of the Silicon Valley-Wall Street hothouse, who love their products. For instance our moms and sisters.

If only Yahoo realizes that, and starts to feel a bit more confident about itself, it will soon realize that it ain’t NO Microsoft. And that’s a good thing. Thank god, the talks are over. Once again – our poll accurately reflects how smart our community really is.