Should Microsoft buy Yahoo?

The big story this morning – based on a highly speculative report in The New York Post – suggests that there could be a $50 billion deal in the making, as Microsoft makes plans to buy Yahoo. Now WSJ is reporting on the deal, saying the talks are at very early stage.

UBS Research has some interesting stats on the combined company, if the merger does happen.

A combined MSFT/YHOO would have 38% of US search share (vs. GOOG 48%), 27% worldwide (vs. GOOG 66%), 12% of US total page views (vs. GOOG 3%), and 19% of US total minutes (vs GOOG 3%).

There are varied opinions on this deal, and to me it does seem like a bad idea. Marrying a company with Internet DNA (Yahoo) with another who can’t take a step forward without turning its neck twice (looking back at the PC) is not that easy. Will this deal become the 21st century version of AOL-Time Warner merger, and a high-water mark for the current boom?