MusicInc waffles on DRM-free tunes

Are you surprised that music industry executives are not really that keen on selling music without digital rights management? Thomas Hesse, president of global digital business and U.S. sales for Sony BMG at National Association of Recording Merchandisers annual convention pretty much summed up the music biz mind-set.

“We don’t want the whole world to be a college dorm. Because that’s what a no-DRM world looks like–it’s a world in which all product can just be cloned without limitation.” (

Treating your customers like common criminals is a sure fire way to destroy your biz, but never mind. According to article, there is a lot of resistance to selling the non-DRM music, not just from record labels but also from music retailers such as Napster, who are looking for a simpler, easier solution to it all.

“We don’t want to confuse customers,” (Napster Chief Executive Chris) Gorog said. “It’s all or nothing. We’re not going to do it incrementally.” (

Well, at least this time it is not Steve Jobs fault – he is trying (yes I am being ironic here!), but the record labels don’t want him to.