Do you Mobile Download?

When it comes to your cell phone — do you download? Despite the fact that a lot of mainstream consumers are reluctant to take the leap, an increasing number of mobile companies are betting the farm on downloadable mobile applications. M:Metrics says 9.9 million U.S. subscribers accessed mobile content via a downloaded application in March, up from 7.4 million in March 2006.

Monday morning mobile startup Mig33 said it has raised a round of $10 million for its mobile application that it says already has 4 million users. Last week eBuddy launched its mobile app after having a mobile web site for many years. Radar recently launched a client, and other start-ups like uLocate and Mobio have released downloadable apps. The trend has been pushed along by the Internet giants that have been going mobile. Google’s gmail got its own wings last year, and Yahoo has put a lot of effort into mobile applications more recently.

So, have you taken the plunge yet and downloaded a mobile app? Most likely if you’re one of our mobile-friendly readers, you have at least checked out Google’s maps or gmail. If you’re a Valley worker, you’ve probably got a lot more than that in your phone’s applications folder. Tell us how mobile-download-friendly you are, and in the comments what you like: