Gaboogie, the Conference that Calls You

While they can’t eliminate the actual conference calls themselves, the founders of a new service called Gaboogie want to help reduce the administrative headaches of setting up and conducting conference calls, starting with a feature that calls the participants directly.

If Gaboogie’s web-based setup delivers as promised and eliminates the need for lengthy passwords, pin numbers and other prompts, they might just succeed in getting people to actually participate in conference calls, instead of cursing and dialing and redialing, trying to connect. What more, they promise cooperation with your Google calendar as well.


The brainchild of VoIP veteran Erik Lagerway (founder of SIP softphone concern XTen, now known as CounterPath) and Daniel Gibbons, Gaboogie also offers the ability to record and syndicate calls via RSS, just in case someone wasn’t able to participate on time — imagine that! Pricing is sold through bundles of Gaboogie minutes, starting at $30 for 250 minutes (and a maximum 150 participants), up to $500 for 10,000 minutes. Gaboogie is live Monday, at