Announcing, NewTeeVee Pier Screenings!

If you ever lived in New York, the best part of summer was going to Bryant Park on a warm evening, sitting down on a blanket and watching The Sound of Music, with hundreds of others. Drinking wine, eating some cheese and generally enjoying the communal feeling that often goes with watching films.

The NewTeeVee team is bringing those magical memories to San Francisco with The NewTeeVee Pier Screenings! The first event is on May 24th, 2007.

On a pier overlooking the San Francisco Bay on a summer night, we’re going to project some online video onto a big screen. We’ll provide popcorn, red wines, and beer.

The NewTeeVee community picks six videos to show, which the crowd and a panel of judges dissect. We also bring in an industry leader for quick chat, and allow plenty of time to hang out.

In order to get the process going, we worked with Ning (thanks guys!) to develop a special site where you can submit and rank/vote on the videos. Liz also wrote a F.A.Q to guide you through.

Hopefully you can participate!

PS: We are looking for sponsors, and if you are interested in this event that promises to attract the best of the online video community, please get in touch with our ever cheerful manager of business operations, Joanne Wan who can be reached via email at joey at gigaom dot com or our friends at Federated Media, by writing to ads at gigaom dot com.