Lifecasters We Would Actually Watch

Valleywag posted yesterday that Natalie Portman had visited Silicon Valley shopping a life-cast to venture capital firms such as Charles River Ventures.

Natalie Portman -- Photo by Steve Jurvetson

The VC firm denies the story — “I have no idea if Natalie Portman wants to lifecast!,” writes CRV’s Susan Wu in an email to NewTeeVee. “It was a joke on my twitter that Valleywag turned into a story. I would find it absolutely absurd if she wanted to, considering she has a lot of attractive options.”

OK, so maybe CRV is not interested, but Valleywag has corroborating evidence: a photo taken at competing firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson of founder Tim Draper horsing around with the heartthrob herself.

Well if life-casts are being funded, we’d like to pick our stars. Here are the GigaOM crews’ choices; we’d love to hear yours.

Paul: Mark Cuban. “So I could be courtside at NBA games (next year, anyway).”

Jackson: Pete Doherty. “Kate Moss’ on-again off-again boyfriend is a junkie trainwreck waiting to happen.”

Liz: Gilbert Arenas. “Cause he would actually do it. And I would laugh really hard.”

Steve: John Malkovich. “Because that’s so meta it hurts.”

Om: Alex Rodriguez. “I want to see his therapy sessions — what he really talks about.”

Katie: Clive Owen. “He’s really hot.”

This afternoon we ran into Mika Salmi, president of Global Digital Media for MTV Network, and asked him for his pick. Vladimir Putin, he said. “I’m really curious what that guy does everyday. With a translator built into the lifecast.”

Who would be your ideal life-caster, shining a camera on his or her life 24 hours a day? Karl Rove? Jenna Jameson? Or maybe you’re just hoping upon hope that the Natalie Portman rumor is true.