GigaNET Weekend Reader

Passion Spotting: Hiring is one of the most difficult, and most important, things founders do. We all have our methods for finding great employeers, but passion is what counts for me when searching for talent. Tips for plucking the right talent out of tech’s hiring haystack.

GMail, Yahoo Mail or New Hotmail: Which web based email client is the best or best for you – a WWD shootout to help you pick the right client for you.

SonicMountain’s Odeo Plans Include Video: The company that acquired Odeo assets for about a million dollars is working on adding video, either through a partner agreement with a video technology provider or even another acquisition. Continue reading.

Eight tips for better book marking: No rounded corners or fancy colors, no rich Internet application baloney, just a useful way of tracking and sharing the stuff we read online. Here are a few tips for better bookmarking with Continue reading.

Bonus link: Don’t be afraid of the Pro CEO: How to help yourself, and your company, cope with a new leader.