Five Twitter Tools We Love

So, yeah, I’m getting sick of Twitter. Maybe these five add-ons will help convince my Internet-ruined ADD attention span to stick to the service for a bit longer. A lot of people are trying to think up the next Twitter trick — here’s some that are already out there:

  1. Twitterment: Search Twitter using keywords, and compare the buzz between different words. Check boring vs fun — guess Twitterers are the glass half full types. Epicenter calls it a marketing executive’s dream, created by eBiquity Research Group.
  2. Twittervision: Public Twitter feeds overlayed realtime on Google Maps – gives you that it’s a smallworld feeling.
  3. Alex King’s Twitter Tool: Give your WordPress blog the Twitter treatment.
  4. Twitterrific: The Iconfactory’s desktop application lets you post and read twitter feeds. Simple but nice for those design-needy Mac fans.
  5.’s GPS Twitter: Adds your current GPS-based location to your Twitter feeds from your mobile phone.

And I’ll throw the boss a bone and include his Twitter try as a runner up:

Om’s Flurry Twitter Hack: Download the mobile mail Flurry application, and add RSS feeds from your Twitter friends. Save money. Sweet.