2 GB SODIMM in a UMPC, will it work?

2gb_ddr2533_sodimm_ramI’m betting that a fair number of UMPC owners got the RAM upgrade bug right after I did last June. That’s when I threw caution to the wind and opened up my few-week old Samsung Q1 UMPC to swap out 512 MB SODIMM for a 1 GB SODIMM. The process is so easy that a caveman just about anyone can do it in a few minutes. That small investment of time and money pays back in spades, especially on a UMPC running Vista.

Turns out that you can get a 2 GB RAM module that fits in our UMPCs as well: the question is, will it work? Rather than have you shell out the bucks, I’m going to take another one for the team. I’ve been in conversation with Upgrade Computer Memory on the topic for two reasons: first, they have a great price for the RAM at $206.99 and second, they have a very liberal 30-day return policy. I’ve placed my order and expect to see the 2 GB SODIMM later this week. Once it arrives, I’ll carefully install it and see what (if anything) happens. My suspicion is that my Q1P will only recognize half of the memory; the folks at UCM figure that the BIOS might be the limiting factor here. If that’s true, that would be a tragic shame (and something I’d love to see the OEMs work on) because 2 GB of memory in a UMPC might provide a nice performance boost! Cross your fingers….