Journalism Outsourcing: Pasadena Website Defers Publication Of Indian Journalists’ Stories

A local news website in Los Angeles made news recently by outsourcing the local news reporting to two journalists in India. After this news item created flutter in the media world, the editor of the news website – – has decided to postpone publication of the Indian journalists’ first stories. The editor of the website, James Macpherson, has reportedly said that he hasn’t found time to train one of his new staffers in covering a city council meeting. Interestingly, the website had hired Indian reporters – one of them stationed in Mumbai – to cover the local happenings of Pasadena, California. An Associated Press story on this last week attracted a lot of attention.
When many media houses in the US are facing job cuts, this was more than enough to create a furore. But the truth is even local reporting can be outsourced, even though in a limited way. See this story for more details.