JPG, IMified, FeedCrier & other morning bits

Update: I had promised myself that I would take one day off – today that is – trying to de-tox my mind, unwind, and simply refresh the brain. Well its not going to happen – since the beat never stops… here we go….

8020 Publishing, a shining example of my iCompany concept, and publishers of JPG magazine, is going through an upheaval. Derek Powazek has his side of the story after being ousted from the company he started. Damn!

FeedCrier, a little service we have been fans of here at GigaOM has been acquired by IMified, another useful web-based IM service that is a favorite of the Web Worker Daily crew. IMified people have big plans for Feed Crier, including going mobile.

Talking about IM’s, Meebo launched their rooms. I got a demo and it is pretty cool, and finally a monetization strategy. Liz got the skinny as well and did the story before I could, which means more sleep for me.

AOL announced today that it has acquired Third Screen Media, the leading mobile advertising network. This is coming close on the heels of Microsoft buying ScreenTonic. Katie hinted at this coming deal in here Q&A with Third Screen Media CEO last week who said, “AOL is a customer and at times a partner of ours. This is a rumor.” Who’s next? AdMob?

I am going to try and stay offline as much as I can, but before I go, here are three good ones from around our network:

  1. WebWorkerDaily: 10 things you must do to succeed in web economy.
  2. NewTeeVee: got more cash. A lot, though we don’t know exactly how much.
  3. NewTeeVee: Remember yesterday’s “downloads are dead” news. Well it isn’t quite true.

Till later folks!