The Microsoft Patent Threat… Why?

I admit, it is a little late to get to the most important story in tech – Microsoft’s not so subtle patent power play – but I needed to absorb it all. What Microsoft does with those 235 patents that open source products are infringing upon, remains to be seen. There are still two issues that the story raised…

* First, for Microsoft’s very public approach indicates that open source is having a material impact on Microsoft.

* Second issue is very aptly brought up by Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz on his blog.

“You would be wise to listen to the customers you’re threatening to sue – they can leave you, especially if you give them motivation. Remember, they wouldn’t be motivated unless your products were somehow missing the mark,” he writes.

Schwartz, tells the story of his own company’s decision to embrace open source, which you might want to read. I would love to get your thoughts on the why-the-patent-story question.