Round-Up: Apprentice UK, Disney Game Portals, MyCorner

The Apprentice in the UK has gone mobile, offering weekly content including behind-the-scenes and preview clips from the TV show along with the
iconic “You’re Fired” moment to UK subscribers. FremantleMedia Enterprises (whose subsidiary talkbackTHAMES produces The Apprentice in the UK) brokered the deal with 3, Orange and O2, while Mobile Streams (which is converting the content to mobile formats) brokered the deals with Vodafone and T-Mobile.

–Disney Mobile (through German subsidiary Living Mobile) had a good response to the portal in its one-thumb game NOM that it has extended the concept to puzzle-game Spectrobes. The portals are accessed from the game (which is an important touch) and let people get individual nicknames and compare high scores. There’ll also be cheats released at certain times. Disney plans to continue the concept.

MyCorner has launched a mobile video user-generated content and social networking service. It’s free, supported by ads and works through the handsets browser ( It lets users upload and share videos from phone or PC, as well as rate and comment on them.