Zapak Ties Up PopCap Games; Launches Game Downloads With Boonty

Zapak, Reliance ADA group’s gaming portal, has tied up with PopCap Games for 16 games, including Bejeweled, Big Money, AstroPop & Bookworm. For starters, they’ve released Zuma both online at Zapak and for download for Rs. 149 (around $3.7), as opposed to international pricing of $20. [via release]

Now, we’d mentioned Rediff games and their content delivery model last week, and said that it’s similar to Boonty. Zapak has apparently tied up with Boonty for ZapakBox, for managing the digital rights of the downloaded games. I tried a trial version (screencap) of what turned out to be the most popular download – Cricket. Zuma Deluxe is no.2, apparently. I guess context matters.

The ZapakBox installation file is around 6.5 mb, while Cricket is 5.9mb. Trials last for an hour (screencap) and the game I was playing shut automatically. Cricket is priced at Rs. 49. The weird thing is that the test match is just for one innings. We wrote to Zapak earlier about details for ZapakBox, particularly payment options, revenue share with Boonty and multiplayer gameplay. We’re awaiting a response.