And the winners are…

Well our little giveaway has now come to an end.

It has been a ton of fun and it has been great getting too meet some of the “new folks” to the community!

Below you will find the list of winners…without a listing of prizes. “What?!?!,” you say? Well I started thinking about how randomly giving out the prizes could actually come back and bite me because it’s quite possible some of the winners already own or wouldn’t be able to use some of the prizes we’re offering.

Soooo, what I need the winners to do is email me (info at theappleblog dot com) with a listing of the 7 prizes in order of most wanted to least wanted. Then, from that I’ll randomly select winners based on who wants what…that way we can cut down on the “I can’t put that to use.” This isn’t “first-come, first-serve” like the previous giveaway…just a bit more methodical way of distributing the prizes.

Anywho…I’m sure you’d like to know if you won or not. Here is the listing of winners:

  • Yuiichi
  • baseballboy828
  • MarkFleser
  • divigation
  • asadeddin
  • Raven
  • elbaso
  • llamame
  • GadgetComa
  • J Walk
  • macdeuce
  • lonnie

Congrats everybody!