My Fujitsu P1610 is now fast- hard drive upgrade on the way!

If you’ve been following my quest to get the Fujitsu P1610 running Vista as fast and efficient as it ran XP you know that I’ve done a few things to make that happen.  First up was killing the dreaded Vista disk thrashing, followed by getting the battery life back to XP levels.  I am happy to report that my day yesterday showed a total success on all fronts, with battery life back to pre-Vista levels and snappy performance all around.

B_universalKevin’s success at upgrading the memory in his Samsung Q1P to 2 GB sent me off on a quest to find a 2 GB microDIMM for the Fuji, but that has not been successful.  I can’t find anyone that sells a 2 GB microDIMM but I will keep an eye out for one.  One upgrade that I think will add to my performance improvements is a hard drive upgrade, and I have a new drive on the way.  The P1610 currently has an 80 GB 1.8" ATA drive running at 4200 rpm, a very slow drive.  It’s almost full so I went to my favorite online notebook drive shop, Drive Solutions, and ordered a 120 GB drive running at 5400 rpm.  Drive Solutions had a 100 GB drive that spins at 7200 rpm but I optedfor the larger capacity and a speed kinder on battery life.  I am excited at the prospect of having 50% more drive capacity and a faster drive.  I will detail the upgrade process when I get the drive but for now here’s what I’ve done to get ready for the drive swap. 

I went online and downloaded the latest version of Acronis True Image which works with Vista.  After installing the software I used it to create a boot DVD that I can use to boot the Fuji and rebuild the new drive.  After creating that I used it to clone my Fujitsu drive to an external Seagate USB drive which took about 2 hours.  Once I swap the new drive into the Fujitsu I will reverse the process and clone the USB drive to the internal Fuji drive and I should be right back where I started, but with a faster, bigger hard drive.  Woot!