Socializr, Quattrone and other morning bits

So some days all you want to get up, make a perfect cup of coffee and read some great stuff. What you don’t want to do is go from falling asleep while gulping New York Times tech reporter Matt Richtel’s debut thriller, Hooked, to writing about broadband… Some days it just doesn’t happen.

When faced with such a dilemma, you ignore the emails, light up your first of the day and read other great stuff. And then share it with your community. Here are some noteworthy stories, which might be worth your time, and well, will buy me time to pen a good post.

* Evite owns the copyright on snowflakes? asks Jonathan Abrams, CEO of Socializr who has been duking it out with IAC and Evite for years it seems. Print this one, for this is a diatribe worth reading twice.

* A relic from the dot com rubble, Frank Quattrone is now the chairman of Tech Museum. Do I need to spell the irony here? “We knew we needed someone with enough time to take on the role, as well as the same goals as the museum has, and we all agreed that Frank was best up for the challenge,” Peter Friess, museum president told the San Jose Mercury News. In other words, Frank since you aren’t doing anything…

* Andrew Baron of Rocketboom is not one to mince words. He thinks most video platforms – currently the hot new VC investment – are destined to fail. (Bookmark this one – you might need to refer to it again, like in a year.)

* Could this be true… Light Reading is reporting that JDS Uniphase might actually get out of optical business. Hard to believe, but then private equity guys are behaving like day traders, so anything is possible.

* Oh, there is something new and shiny from Yahoo. Techcrunch has the details.