Competition, ain’t that a good thing

Competition in broadband – and I mean real competition not what passes for competition in the US – is such a beautiful thing. It works so well for the consumers. UK broadband is a perfect example.

A few months ago, NTL and Virgin merged to become Virgin Media, the largest broadband provider in the British Isles. They didn’t do such a good job of keeping their customers happy, and British Telecom surged ahead, leading to speculation that some private equity guys are going to buy out Virgin Media.

And while these two are jostling for the top spot, the little players are trying to do their best to lure customers, and offering all sorts of interesting combinations. Pipex, has started offering six months of 8 Mbps broadband (though with 2GB transfer cap) for free, as long as folks sign up for $25-a-month voice plan (unlimited local and national calls). Of course there is Carphone Warehouse with its Free Talk Talk offering.
(I wonder if any of our readers are tracking the broadband prices in UK and if they are really heading south.)