Google’s AdSense Starts New Video Experiment And Cracks Down On Content-Free Sites

Google is applying some addition and subtraction regarding its AdSense service: the company is adding a new video offering, while it is dropping websites that make a pretense of offering content, yet really just serve as virtual billboards for advertising.

AdAge: Google is testing in-stream ads in video through its AdSense program. Last year, AdSense introduced click-to-play video ads to its content network, which is available to any publisher to opt in. It also conducted two video distribution and sponsorship pilots with MTV Networks and Warner Music Group that let publishers choose video channels to display on their sites. The new pilot extends AdSense’s online video content by allowing publishers to define at what point in their videos that streaming video ads will appear. More details on Google’s AdSense blog.

NYP: Separately, AdSense sent cut-off notices to publishers that produce what appear to be fake content sites, but actually just run ads. Google will begin canceling AdSense memberships on June 1. The Post points to a rise in “made-for-AdSense” web pages that divert online searches. These content-free sites, which often are nothing more than links to other sites and a bunch of Google ads, exist solely to exploit AdSense. Although Google still makes money off of these sites, the company is concerned that they hurt the quality of search results and reduce the click through rate for advertisers.