iTunes Beaten On McCartney Releases, YouTube Debuts Singer’s Latest

Paul McCartney’s music is still coming to iTunes – but not as quickly as it is to Apple’s rivals. Following a decision by EMI and the songwriter’s MPL holding company to digitally re-issue McCartney’s 25-album solo back-catalog plus his work with the band Wings, Apple recently announced it would add the material to iTunes Store “this month”. But did a double-take last night when it noticed that, whilst Napster, Rhapsody, Urge and Zune Marketplace began stocking the back-catalog yesterday, iTunes Store has so far not made the additions.

After the entente cordiale struck between Apple and EMI over DRM-free iTunes sales, some may regard Apple’s delay as curious. The company likes to be first to secure such big-name releases, was due to get first sight of EMI’s new repertoire and the prevalence of “firsts” in its earlier McCartney press release might have given some the impression it had first mover advantage on the ex-Beatle, too. An Apple spokesperson told the plan had not changed, McCartney’s catalog would still appear on the store in May (after all, there are eight more days left in the month).

Meanwhile, more signs the former Beatle is warming to the online space – the video for the debut track from the artist’s forthcoming album – released on a different label, Starbucks’ Hear Music – will reportedly premiere on YouTube today in a coveted Director’s slot (UPI).