Dazed Confused and Technorati

Dazed and confused is how I felt when I took a look at Technorati this morning. According to all the hub-a-bub, the company has changed focus away from blog search to …. something that I can’t figure out. Maybe my neurons are misfiring this morning, but I don’t get it. (Someone apparently does, so check out this alternative viewpoint.)

Dave Sifry, the founder explains that the world has changed and people are now coming to their site to get contextual information from the Live Web (buzzword alert.) Unfortunately, that is the direction Google, the nemesis of blog search is moving in this direction, notes Steve Rubel.

The Hit had been out on the blog-search for a long time, though it is becoming obvious with each passing day. There has been some talk about Technorati looking for a new chief executive and that the company is “in play.”

Disclosure: Technorati competitor, Sphere is a portfolio company of True Ventures, our backers.