MTVN Seeks Streamlined Digital Strategy, Plans More Microsites, Virtual Worlds

MTV Networks sought to clarify its still-slightly-murky plans in that area by telling attendees at the Goldman Sachs’ internet conference in Las Vegas that it will build on its 230 targeted microsites, further integrate TV elements into its digital platforms and create more virtual worlds. The company’s Global Digital Media President Mika Salmi added that MTVN’s governing philosophy involves linking its digital properties more closely to its TV programming, and vice-versa, B&C reported. For one thing, Salmi said MTVN’s view of social media is to attract its viewers to a variety of subject-themed microsites, not just one: “It’s not about this one big uber-social network.” In Q1, MTVN signed up 53 new marketers for its digital properties, including Doritos, Tropicana and Saab and the company is seeking increases in online ad spending from existing advertisers through video ads, placement in virtual worlds, and integrations in new videogames, like the forthcoming Rock Band, currently under development by Harmonix Music Systems.