The Force is with Eyespot in ‘Star Wars’ Clips Deal

The latest big-name content producer to team with Eyespot Corp. for authorized online mashups of video clips is a biggie — George Lucas’ Lucasfilms, which will release a treasure trove of Star Wars clips for fan mashups Thursday at

While Eyespot co-founder David Dudas emailed us Wednesday night to say a press release was on the way, we were already reading the deets of the deal online, in a story set to appear in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal.

Quickly: There will be about 250 clips, some as long as a minute in length, and mashups can be shared and embedded elsewhere (all details courtesy of the WSJ story). Eyespot will monitor videos to help keep things clean (no nudity, profanity, etc.), and of course there will be pre-roll advertising. (Silly photo courtesy of the site, which has had authorized still-photo mashups for the past year.)

In its previous deals, Eyespot might have scored the trust of big names (the NBA, and Paramount Pictures), but you had to wonder how many people really wanted to do mashups of the latest Marky Mark popcorn vehicle. But Star Wars? As Craig noted last week, zealous fans haven’t let the lack of authorized content stop them from producing so many fan-films that there are multiple categories for the upcoming fan festival, and even potato-head toy cinema version.

(You just hope the ‘real’ material doesn’t kill off the fun!)

As the WSJ article notes, Lucasfilms may be the perfect place for widespread sharing of authorized material, given that there are no more Star Wars films planned (for now!). Instead of trying to chase down the inevitable pirated versions on YouTube, why not give the fans a place to play and scrape out a few more dollars in the process?

Eyespot, meanwhile, keeps racking up the wins (something Liz saw coming last Fall after Jumpcut got taken out by Yahoo). Besides the ones mentioned above, we’re a day behind another big-studio “mashup contest” site for Eyespot, at the On The Lot TV show site. But there still seems to be room for more players in the arena, as Gotuit recently joined Cuts and vSocial in the video-sharing-and-mixing market.