Coming Soon: Better syncing for Mac & Nokia N Series

It was only a few weeks ago when I was lamenting about the lack of smart syncing between the Nokia N95 phone and Mac desktop. Even though Nokia offers Nokia Music Manager, it is hardly a software you can recommend to people addicted to the iTunes’ easy music and photo syncing. It only syncs music, and it a bit difficult to work with, one of the reasons I have stopped using it after trying it out.

Nevertheless, a source of ours tells us that Nokia is about to release an upgrade to this software – the Nokia Media Manager – which will allow two-way syncing of not only music, but more importantly, photos. In other words, all the snaps you took on your Nokia N95 can now be simply synced with iPhoto. While I have not used the software so far, our source says it is a definite improvement over the previous version. The software, apparently will support most of the new N-Series phones. Stay tuned for further details.