What’s Click-to-Call in Italian?

Click2Call (C2C) technology is slowly but steadily spreading. VoiceStar and several start-ups have been trying to build their business around C2C technology. Skype and Google are very interested in the one-click calling as well.

The latest company to make a splash in the space is MyBlueZebra, based in New York. The company provides C2C services in Asia and Europe, utilizing the technology and back end services from Abbeynet.

MyBlueZebra, started by Andrea Tessitore, has just signed up Italian yellow pages and white pages, and will voice-enable about 140,000 listings. Sources say that they might have replaced eSatara

I suspect, C2C technology is going to find faster traction in the overseas markets, mostly for two reasons – easy availability of broadband, and secondly, e-commerce is not prevalent amongst the small and medium sized businesses overseas.