Google to Buy Geo-Tagging Site Panoramio

More geoweb tools for Google. Geo-tagging photo site Panoramio announced on its blog this morning that it will be acquired by Google for an undisclosed sum. Google posted the news on its blog last night.

The company is a one and a half year old startup based in Spain. Co-founder Eduardo Manchón writes:

“The integration of photos from Panoramio in Google Earth has been so successful since John Hanke suggested it that we see the acquisition of Panoramio as a natural consequence.”

This week at the Where 2.0 conference Google’s Director of Google Earth and Google Maps John Hanke said to “expect more M&A” from Google as well as the rest of the industry when it comes to location web startups. Guess this is just the latest.

Hanke himelf joined Google when his startup Keyhole was acquired, as did Google Geo Software engineer Bernhard Seefeld, who came from Endoxon.

I asked Hanke this week if there are any specific types of technology that Google is looking to acquire through location startups. He said Google looks more at the quality of the team that will be brought into the fold, and pointed out the company had hired the Stanford team behind the robotic car Stanley.