Friday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

Colbert Cracks Wise Introducing Viacom’s Dauman: Leave it to the writers at the Colbert Report to make jokes at Linus Torvalds’ expense, to great effect. (Brightcove)

Slate to Launch More Video: The project, dubbed “Slate V” will produce at least one featured video clip a day. (WSJ, sub. req.)

Truveo Upgrades Video Search: The AOL property has made lots of backend improvements to its API, metrics and performance. (release)

MLB Talks Trash: The league is refusing its all-important “expressed, written consent” to users who beam games about with their Slingbox. (CNet)

Video Bigger on CNN Beta: Cory Bergman takes a brief look at CNN’s redesign, which includes a more prominent video player. (Lost Remote)

Hostel II Rough Cut Leaked Online: Key quote from Lionsgate prez? “It’s distressing and disappointing, but it will have no meaningful impact on the box office.” Also announced Blockbuster, Best Buy download deal. (LA Times, Variety)