Amp’d Bankruptcy Filing: Verizon Wireless Largest Creditor With $33 Million

Amp’d Mobile’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware has a wealth of info on the company’s creditors, and a list of shareholders of the company (we broke the story first here). According to the court documents, Amp’d owes about $33 million to its infrastructure/network provider Verizon Wireless, followed by its handset provider Motorola — $16 million; Vivendi about $10 million, BestBuy about $8 million; MTV Networks about $1.8 million; and others. In total, the total debt is more than $100 million. Amp’d says its assets total less than $100 million.
As for the shareholders, CEO-founder Peter Adderton (through his trust) holds the largest share of common stock, just above 5 percent. RedPoint Ventures holds around 3 percent plus more acrued through various equity rounds. Other shareholders in five subsequent rounds are also listed … in addition to VCs Redpoint, Highland Capital Parters, Columbia Capital, these include creditors MTV Networks, Qualcomm, Vivendi Universal, Best Buy and many others.

We have made a portion of the filing available as PDF here…creditor list starts from page 7 of the PDF.