Weekend Reader

Scratch that business plan — The web disrupts the pornography business because now anyone with a digital camera and a website can put their dirty pictures online. [New York Times]

Copywriting for web designers — Make yourself more valuable to your clients by improving your headline composing skills. Try tantalizing with a question, using a case study, or commanding readers to act. [A List Apart]

Professional on the Web logoPromote your web design and development work — Professional on the Web provides a porfolio directory for web agencies and freelancers. Upload your portfolio and tag it with what you do — PHP, design, Flash, copywriting? Community members rate your work. Potential clients find you. [Professional On The Web]

Motorola, Dell, IBM announce job cuts — Does this mean an increase in the ranks of neo-Bedouins? [GigaOM]

If you still have a job, try telecommuting — D.C. area employers like the U.S. Patent and Trade Office encourage working from home to save gas and help the environment. Some people wonder if telecommuters are goofing off. Guess they haven’t heard of workstreaming. [The Washington Post]

Why you need a contact page — Five reasons including this scary one: so people can contact you before filing a lawsuit against you. [Idle Profit]

More tips for better Firefox searching — From the developer of PeteSearch, a Firefox add-on that checks for dead links, displays a split-screen preview, and gives you hot keys to move through results quickly. [MashProxy]