Mobile Web 2.0 May Be Too Ambitious, Let’s Call It Mobile 0.5

The buzz about mobile data apps and all the social networking business models that can take off because users are always-on, always-connected and always-aware may be far-fetched, some top exec from the like of Google argue in this Investor’s Business Daily post (via Cellular News). If there is a wireless revolution under way, then it’s certainly a slow one. “We’re really at mobile Web 0.5, to be completely honest,” Sumit Agarwal, a product manager in Google’s mobile division, was quoted as saying.

Form factors such as small screens and tiny keypads are part of the problem. It also doesn’t help that walled garden portals cater to the mass market (ignore the long tail) and effectively prevent users from exploring the wealth of content avaiable. And even if operators would tear down the walls tomorrow, they would likely face new problems in the form of spam, Lee Daniels, Verizon’s vice president of wireless data technology, said. What’s more, few Web sites have been adapted for mobile access. This is where DotMobi comes in. It counts 500,000 domains to date. The key takeaway point comes from Google’s Agarwal: Mobile web 2.0 will happen – in good time. “The real thing about Web 2.0 is people introducing applications to each other,” he said. “True viral applications, something sent from one person to another, will absolutely be a big part of mobile.”