Five New Networks To Watch Online

It’s that time of the month again — time to assemble another list of fresh web programming from an assortment of online networks. Not only is there some great content, but these five announcements from the past week will also give you a sense of the range of approaches to production and distribution.World of Wonder Productions Revamp Portal: With a brand known for edgy, hilarious and smart documentaries (and some cheestastically entertaining reality programming), World of Wonder productions has updated its own video sharing and channel creation site WOW TV. Of course, a lot of the best content is from the production company itself, such as WOW’s Gay Hollywood documentary from 2003. But it looks like anyone can offer their own content for paid download. Adds Original Web Shows: CNet, which started out as a new kind of network and morphed into a new media machine, is producing four new web shows about television for its site Laura Swisher hosts roundup TurboVision, and further additions include her man-on-the-street The Burning Question, Prime Times Past — which looks at television history, as well as Extreme Beauty Time with Quentin.

Next New Networks Trifecta: Three announcements today from the New York-based online network. First, they’ll be distributing their shows Pulp Secret, Threadbanger and Channel Frederator on Joost thanks to a new deal. Pulp Secret will also be adding a new show, A Comicbook Orange, from Galacticast creators Casey McKinnon and Rudy Jahchan (interview). Finally, they’ve launched a new show and site, Total MMO, covering the world of Massively Multiplayer Online gaming.

Counteract Offers Activism Online: In what looks like an edgier, more open alternative to sites like Current TV, is taking submissions on topics from volunteers. It has an unabashedly political tone, and hopes to foster a community that will bring “truth and injustice to light.” (via)

Global Health Council’s New News Network: Featuring field reports, policy statements and news updates, Global Health TV from the London-based Global Healthy Council is another example of public policy wonks and Non-Governmental Organizations going online to spread their message. With slickly produced content, and lots of it, you may just start to care about the Gates Foundation’s projects in India or the Centers for Disease Control’s diplomatic efforts.