TRFJ- 10 serious problems with touchscreens

Red at The Red Ferret Journal has published a list of "10 serious problems with touchscreens that you should know before June 29th" in celebration of the iPhone release on that date.  Having used touchscreen devices for years I can tell you that Red’s list is spot on and new iPhone owners are going to become well acquainted with these problems beginning with the first power slide.  I won’t give all of Red’s list here but the major points he makes corresponds with things I’ve been saying about the iPhone here on jkOnTheRun:

Fat Fingers Fumble- yes, having a touch only interface will be challenging to the "over-thumbed".

Forget about one-handed SMS texting.  I’ve pointed out that the iPhone will be a two hand device which is going to surprise a lot of new iPhone owners.

The eyes have it- no tactile response means you will have to constantly be looking at the screen when using it.

Take a look at the whole list, they are all well-thought out and will likely be discussed by new iPhone owners starting June 30th.