ZFS Not Out, Not In Either

Apple shed a little light today, on the lack of ZFS appearing on the Leopard information pages. It seems that ZFS will not be the default file system in Leopard – this much we’ve already deduced. But how exactly will Apple be supporting it?

is only available a read-only option from the command line,

Read-only means that at a later date, if there are ZFS volumes, those systems would be able to read ZFS volumes

What this means to the rest of us is that we can’t write to a ZFS drive with Leopard. However if you’ve got some server (Solaris being most likely) running ZFS, Leopard will allow you to read that drive. Um, woohoo? I guess it could be worse, and we’d get no comment/support on the ZFS front, but this is clearly a let down. If you’re not sure why ZFS is a big deal, there’s a great article about it here.

I’ve been defending the Keynote and somewhat lackluster features in the past couple posts, but I think I’m about to surrender my stance at this point. Microsoft took an awful lot of heat for delays and cutting back all the breakthrough features that Longhorn (Vista) was to ship with, most notable being WinFS. Now here we are on the eve of Leopard – which has suffered its own delay in ship date – and the much-hyped ZFS will be absent from the party for Apple as well.

It almost appears that Cupertino has been using their photocopiers