Is iLife 07 not going to happen for reals?

A year ago I wrote that Apple should wait on iLife ’07. Here we are, and I have to wonder did it work? I mean, Steve Jobs did comment on considering the wait!*

I thought I would take a minute to reevaluate this post, and reflect on the developments since then. It seems we are halfway through 2007 and there hasn’t been a peep about the next version. Oppenheimer said ‘Stay Tuned” which makes me think Apple TV is the key. Something tells me this next version is going to blow us away.

First, 10.5. Core Animation is amazing and we havent really got to dig into it yet. It isn’t a surprise to me now to know that is the number one reason for no iLife 07 . Several readers commented they haven’t upgraded iMovie because of certain bugs, and it seems Core Animation might be the answer to some of them.

Second, iPhone. The answer to all our problems in one device. Not to be confused with the iRack. I predict that some snazzy developer out there (Apple or 3rd party) will figure out how to turn the iPhone into an integrated part of the iLife experience. It is more iPod than Phone from all I’ve seen. There is no doubt in my mind that there is more to it than what was announced. A Leopard-iLife-iPhone setup sounds like digital nirvana. Rest assured TAB writers will have to take a break days after the iPhone release because of carpul tunnel.

Third, Apple TV. Currently we can’t edit our movies and see what they look like on TV before they are done. Right now I find myself tediously testing on a DVD-RW before making the final versions on cheaper DVD-R media. iPhoto doesn’t do as much as it could on the AppleTV, especially with Core Animation coming out.

Last, Multitouch. The iPhone gets it first because it is a small device in comparison to the rest of the line. It changes computing as we know it. It allows us to basically carry a screen in our pockets that can do a multitude of functions. We humans like to touch, that is how we interact with the world. I’m not the only one who thinks iLife ’07 is holding out for multitouch. There is no doubt in my that the iMac and the Macbook will become one device because of this shift. Inkwell meet Multitouch!

I really believe that a monilith has happened in the R&D department at Apple. If they would only develop iMuse we might find the cure for AIDS, bring peace to the world, and who knows what other epiphanies. Until then, Apple may either ship iLife in June without all the bells (doubtful) or October as the dream release. I vote for October, possibly with a plethora of software updates for 10.4 users.

*Yes I know it wasn’t the real Steve Jobs =)