Valleywag snags an editor from Business 2.0

Now this is so off-topic, and so inside-baseball and so rife with conflicts of interest, that you just might skip reading this post. However, if you indeed end up reading it, I got hold of some gossip too good to pass up. It seems Owen Thomas, an editor at Business 2.0, who also happens to be the guy who edits my column for the magazine has decided to change gigs and join Valleywag, the self proclaimed gossip rag of Silicon Valley as an editor. (Nick Denton fires himself.)

Nick Denton, who publishes Valleywag and a gaggle of other blogs for his company, Gawker Media, has been looking for a seasoned journalist to edit and manage Valleywag for sometime. Denton, who in previous life covered Silicon Valley for the Financial Times, has been editing and writing Valleywag in recent days, and that has helped boost the site’s traffic and got it moving in the right direction. According to Sitemeter, Valleywag is doing about 1.5 million page views a month.

“The coverage of Silicon Valley has been a labor of love and hate,” Denton wrote to us in an email, “It would have been hard to give up Valleywag to just anybody. Owen Thomas is the first person I ever approached about the job. And I hope he’s the last.” 😉

I am still keeping this in the “unconfirmed” bin, since I haven’t heard back from Josh Quittner, my ex-boss and the editor of Business 2.0 magazine just confirmed this with me. Thomas has the style (and the bite) to do the job – especially if you read some of his writings for iconic Web 1.0 publication, On a personal note – Thomas will not get a chance to mutilate my copy, so from that perspective it is good news. Welcome to the 24-7 Owen.

Disclosure: I worked at Business 2.0, and continue to write a column for the magazine.

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