Vote for Peter Rojas on CNNMoney for Who matters now?

Rojas_peterCNN Money is running a poll to determine who their readership feels are the top people in society who matters the most.  Engadget’s Peter Rojas is not only on the list but with a few days of voting behind him is moving up the list.  I have met Peter a few times and he is a truly great guy whom I respect immensely as one of the most passionate and driven people in the tech world.  I have corresponded with him since before the engadget days and the most interesting thing is how he hasn’t changed, even given his level of success.  He’s always been willing to give me advice when asked and he’s been a good friend to jkOnTheRun and me personally.  Drop over to CNN and crank the vote up for Peter and help drive him up the list.  I have.

On another note another engadget blogger I’ve had the pleasure of meeting is Ryan Block.  He’s a great guy too and I’m happy to see he has been named editor-in-chief at engadget.  It’s a well deserved posting for Ryan and we wish him all the best.