@ Mobile Content World: Broadcasters Promote Ad Relationships

One interesting thing from Mobile Content World Australasia 2007 is the way the broadcasters are positioning themselves as advertiser aggregators. Rather than say “we’ve got all this great content” they’re saying “we know all these advertisers”, which gives an indication of where they think the revenue is going to come from and what role they’d like to play.

Damian Smith, the general manager of digital media for Network Ten, started off his presentation by stating that: “Network Ten sells ads, it’s something we do well and it’s not different depending on the platform.” Bob Schukai, vice president at Turner Broadcasting, took up the baton later in the day during his speech, saying that: “Advertisers can help bridge the challenge that exists between content, telcos and consumers…We’ve got great relationships with advertisers, we’ve got the ability to go in and do a linear ad sale,
online, TV and mobile”.

He spent some more time on it, saying that measurement is going to be “the single biggest thing which will impact this space”, and suggesting that content providers looking at an off-deck solution can offer measurement and customer information as a very big incentive to advertisers…sometimes telcos don’t provide a lot of clear information, apparently. customer information is extremely valuable to advertisers so data mining will be very important, said Schukai.