iPhone, Nokia and Mobile Rethink

iphonescreenshot.gifWhether you agree with my reasons about why iPhone is going to change the mobile business, it is already leading to major rethinking amongst large handset makers, on how they approach the handsets. Apple is making it okay to experiment with new ideas, and throw out previously taboo notions. Like touch screens and optical sensors.

Nokia CTO Tero Ojanpera speaking at a conference in Asia said that “Optical sensors and touch will be the next big things….”I believe there will be a lot of innovation around these.” LG’s Prada phone, Apple’s iPhone and the upcoming touch phone from High Tech Computer Corp could be the start of a major trend.

Now Apple isn’t the first one to use touch screen technology, but they certainly have added a sheen of cool to it. The big question is why didn’t Nokia develop phones based on touch screen. After all their CTO seems to be a believer. Plus, do you wonder how durable this glass screen is really going to be? Judi Sohn is worried.

there is no way I’m buying a glass-covered cell phone for $500 without accidental protection or some assurance that this thing can take everyday bumps and bruises without a problem. I want to use this thing…not display it on my wall for goodness sakes.

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