Microsoft IPTV: Try, try and try again

Well I am glad that Microsoft has changed the name of their IPTV offering to Media Room. After all, it fits nicely with the PR effort around their television platform, which remains more of an experiment than a reality.

microsoftmediaroomlogo.jpgLooking just at today’s news announcement, it seems Microsoft wants to get its tentacles into our homes as well, with all its array of offerings including Windows Media DRM. Cynthia Brumfield puts it nicely when she writes, “The problem with Microsoft’s interactive TV products is that few multichannel video providers actually like them.”

Like the boy who cried wolf, it has been years since we have heard, Microsoft IPTV, its coming! Well in places it has, it has been a bit of a downer. AT&T is betting big on Microsoft IPTV technology, but we are told their patience is wearing thin. So is ours: either makes it work (no controlled demos in Microsoft labs don’t count) or stop the spin.