AT&T Stores Prepare for iPhone Hordes

Ars reports that AT&T stores will be closing early on June 29th in order to setup and prepare for the 6pm launch of the iSecondComing, er, iPhone. There will be nice velvet ropes to que the eager techies into the stores and handle sales on a first come first served basis. Oh, and they’ll be closing at 10pm in case the 4 phones per store hold out that late…

Couple questions comes to mind:

1 – How many people will really be lining up for this ‘event’? OS X releases are generally mad houses – and those are attended only by Mac-wielding fans. With the iPhone being an equal opportunity (or OS) piece of tech, this could be one crazy night. I’ve a feeling these AT&T retails stores are in over their heads on this one.

2 – Will the AT&T employees be instructed to clap and cheer when they open the doors, similar to big Apple Store events? Will there be Apple Store staff on hand to supplement the AT&T staff?

Should be one interesting evening my friends. Who’s going to be attending?