Dear cellular carriers, Internet Sharing is good


Dear cellular carriers,

Hi, my name is Kevin. You might not remember me since you have so many customers, but I send you about $2,000 year for your services. For that amount of money, I thought that perhaps I could send you a proactive suggestion for your Windows Mobile 6 devices. Microsoft has included a small program in WM6 (and AKU 3 for WM5) called "Internet Sharing" (IS) that lets me use my handheld as a cellular modem over a Bluetooth PAN or a USB cable. It works well on my T-Mobile Dash; the EDGE connection is fine for very light surfing and for e-mail on my Samsung Q1P UMPC. In the past, my choices were to pay you extra for "tethering" my phone to a device for modem use or to purchase third-party software. Now that we have native IS in the mobile handheld operating system, those options aren’t necessary. In fact, it’s even easier for us to use the phone data connection with a notebook computer since the connection is initiated from the phone, not from the computer.

Although I haven’t heard of you doing this recently, I suppose you could do what what’s within your rights and whatyou’ve done in the past: disable features and functions or removesomething from the OS in your custom ROM. Previous approaches were to disable Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking, or BT DUN, from the phones, but that won’t work this time. Since the connection is handled by the phone, DUN is no longer necessary. I’m sure there are some new ways to limit phone usage as a data modem, but I’m asking you not to pursue those methods.

While my $2,000 a year is asmall contribution to your overall coffers, I hope that you value memore as a customer and leave IS alone. To put it a different way: if Iwas a potential data plan customer but wasn’t sure if I wanted to giveyou $30, $60 or more per month for a data plan, the Internet Sharing functionalitywould be a great selling point to get you that extra revenue. How about it?

Hugs and money monthly,

Kevin C. Tofel