Apple TV Now Playing YouTube: Hands-On Video

By guest columnist Jonathan Greene.

AppleTV with YouTube

I just updated my AppleTV with the latest
software to get access to YouTube
and I have to say that the H.264 quality is excellent! We all know
what the majority of YouTube video looks like, but this is something
well beyond what you normally see and bodes very well for the iPhone
when it’s released next week

Once you connect and login, you can see your favorites and rate or
report video. You can’t however see your own videos or those of your
friends / subscriptions which seems like an oversight to me. I would
expect to see that in a future update since that’s a large part of the
community aspect within YouTube.

I shot some video of the process which should give you some insight
into the update process as well as the quality of the experience.
It’s not the most exciting of videos, but here you go:

Jonathan Greene is a long-time contributor to GigaOM network. He is an entrepreneurial marketer focused on bringing the benefits of ROI-driven direct response techniques to the digital arena.