Yo Yahoo! Coming soon ain’t prime time

Yahoo is making some noise this morning, and it has got nothing to do with Terry Semel, Jerry Yang, Rupert Murdoch, and Sue Decker. Yahoo says that their Yahoo! Go 2.0 software, that allows you to access various Yahoo services on your mobile phones is ready for primetime. (Press Release is here.)

The new version of Yahoo! Go 2.0 launches on Friday and will be available for more than 200 different mobile phones in the US by the end of July, expanding to more than 400 by end of year. It will also be pre-loaded on new devices from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC that begin rolling out later this year.

The software will “launch” on Friday but won’t be available till end of July and in many cases till end of the year. So it isn’t exactly primetime! Right now pretty much every phone you might want to try the service on says “Coming Soon.” Is this announcement just a diversionary tactic, to distract from the fact that many members of Yahoo! Go’s mobile group are quietly leaving, looking for greener pastures?