Brew Roundup: Jacobs Keynote; 3 On Brew; MLB Off Deck; GPS Brew

Qualcomm’s Brew conference is happening in San Diego this week, and like usual, I’m not there (they’ve been very nice about wanting me there for the last three years, and something or the other comes up). Some developments of interest coming out of there:
— Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs’ keynote, covered by RCR, where he gave the company spiel. Among other things, he mentioned using MediaFlo pipe for datacasting, which the company views as the next frontier for the mobile TV technology. Service trials are currently being conducted in Taiwan and a new trial is getting underway in Hong Kong, Jacobs said.
— Meanwhile, Hutchison 3G has announced plans to launch a range of handsets which will support Brew mobile content platform. No timetable for the rollout of the handsets or service was offered however.
— Also, Qcom has launched Brand-Xtend, which will make it easier for companies/brands to offer off-deck content, and MLB will be the first one to use it to offer mobile content on its network of sites. Qualcomm said its BrandXtend technology isn’t meant to cannibalize on-deck sales enabled by the company’s BREW technology. Instead, BrandXtend complements the applications that wireless carriers offer.
— Then, there seems to be a proliferation of GPS apps companies building on Brew.
Disclaimer: Qualcomm is a sponsor and promoted the Brew conference on our site prior to this.